Equine Transport Inc.

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Inquiries and Booking Information

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for our equine transport services.  When requesting a quote please include when the horse will be ready for shipping, breed, height, age and exact locations of pickup and delivery.  Also, please provide your preferred method of contact, ie. email, phone or FaceBook Messager.

Upon booking we will require the following information; 

Property address of pickup and delivery.  Will it accommodate our truck and trailer combo of about 47' long?

Hauling history of the horse; do they travel well, do they load well?  General training and temperament of the horse. We would rather know ahead of time, whether your horse is green, halter broke or done this a thousand times!!

Additional tack that you wish to send with the horse in most cases can be received.  Ensure that it is clearly labelled.

Sometimes overnight layovers are necessary.  We never overnight horses on the trailer.  Board will be arranged by us and additional charges will be the responsibility of the client.  

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